Security Considerations

The Web3 landscape is endangered by various news of security threats. Blackhats have drained quite several blockchains, protocols, exchanges, wallets, and crypto projects. There are a plethora of cases.

During market research, we got feedback that users wondered whether threat actors could take away their hard-earned funds.

Lovely Finance is a company that is in touch with the people.

As a result, we deem it fit to address this dilemma so our users can have a heightened trust in our ecosystem.

In lieu of this, Certik—one of the most brilliant auditing firms in Web3—has audited our protocol, smart contracts, and dApps.

In addition, we have also carried out penetration testing on our applications, which gave us insights into what we have to improve.

With this due diligence on our part, it is safe to say all our products are safe and secure for anyone to use them confidently.

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