Executive summary

This paper is the official whitepaper of Lovely Finance Incorporation, a company with product suites on decentralized finance and blockchain technology.

The first aspect of the paper gives a gentle introduction to the essence of DeFi and the problem it is solving in the problems of humanity.

This led to the appraisal of Lovely Finance as one of the blue-chip companies set to break the barriers to financial inclusion through blockchain technology.

The paper did not avoid the obvious truth that DeFi has four major challenges: lack of user-friendliness, instability of regulations, lack of mainstream appeal, ignorance, and questionable security.

As a panacea, the author highlighted the product suites of Lovely Finance to the current issues of DeFi; Lovely swap, and Lovely Wallet.

The author moved a step further into addressing security concerns that users and investors might have concerning the protocol.

Last but not least, the paper expounded on the tokenomics of the LOVELY token, along with some technical details.


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